CNC Programme Machine

The world today has undergone through several evolutions dating as far as creation times.

The quest for every mankind to have a contribution towards creating a modern world has inspired many innovation and inventions. From physical and manual production to mechanized production, from conventional computers to micro-chips, from diesel driven engines to solar powered engines, from piloted to auto piloted planes, to nearly manufacturing a natural being. The world has now steadily migrated from conventional means of work to the modern means in areas of manufacturing, production and supervision, boldly to say, the world is gone DIGITAL’’.

We cannot talk about modern production and manufacturing without talking about CNC technology.

CNC is an acronym for ‘Computerized Numeric Control”. CNC technology is the modern day production and manufacturing technology where a computer converts a design that is originally generated into numbers. In this way, the computer controls the cutting and shaping of the material that is to be converted into a design. (Photo of CNC machines)

CNC technology is used in the making of molds, shapes, designs and cuttings from plastic, steel, Glass and metal of all sizes with utmost precision.

It is this kind of technology that is required and employed by all manufacturing companies for example, in shoe manufacturing companies, it is used for shaping and cutting shoe soles. In beverage making companies, it is used for making bottle molds from both metal and plastic.

CNC technology is also used in cutting metal shapes say for screws and nuts, cutting of motor gears, resurfacing of worn out spare parts for motor vehicles and other production machines. It is also used in the shaping of furniture wood, etc. (photos of different CNC molds)

We, at Datamine are proud to be the pioneer institution to train learners in the use of CNC technology.

Basing on their good vision and ingenuity, our trustees mooted an idea of having this kind of training added on to the already rich engineering curriculum at Datamine .Hence forth, the idea was adopted and machinery was procured from Amatrol Inc., an American company well known for dealing in the sale and training of CNC and other related courses. This machinery is currently housed temporarily at school, and awaits to be installed in the new workshop under construction at the school. (Photo of structure under construction).

Research has shown, the country has a few trained CNC engineers, so this implies that learners who will have excelled in CNC training will be a ‘’hot cake’’.

Our learners are to be trained and offered an international certificate in CNC by Amatrol inc. which is a certified CNC training company.