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Historically, Datamine has brought together and trained students from different parts of the world with a broad-spectrum of backgrounds. Our Alumni are backbones for several government and non-government organizations, Banks and Other Financial Institutions, Academic Institutions, Hospitals, large scale and Small scale industries and are out there inspiring the world through literature, Talents and art.

Datamine is proud to be one of the best tertiary institutions in Uganda  and  East Africa with a unique blend of both Business and Technical Education that creates multi skilled graduates who are not only highly employable but also the best at job creation.

It is with that product that Datamine is able to attract students from all over Africa especially countries like, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Comoros, South Sudan ,Sudan , DR Congo and other who out of trust have given us their sons and Daughters to be nurtured into life changing citizens and thus widening the Datamine Alumni base.

Through the Datamine Alumni Association which was started in 2009, we are able to manage Alumni Relations and Prospect Research, both of which aim at cultivating and promote lasting ties between graduates, friends and future development partners of Datamine.

The alumni desk was established to organize and coordinate Datamine Alumni through a comprehensive Alumni database that farther doubles as a means for tracing Alumni progress and Prospective employers for the next generation.

The alumni Association also serves to uphold the Datamine spirit in order to help re kindle old friendships and possibly create new ones.

The Alumni relations programme will be on going for years to come with academic contributions, news about interesting developments on campus and up-coming events. We want to stimulate academic and professional discussion among alumni in order to promote interaction.

In 2015, we launched a tracer survey, championed by the current chairperson of the Datamine Alumni Association (DAA) Mr.Lukwago Moses Kirimuttu, with the goal of searching and uniting especially the pioneer graduates of Datamine who at their time of stay, never had this Association.

We call upon all Datamine Alumni out there to join us in order to steer the Great Alma Mater To Greater Horizon.

For More Information please contact:

MR.LUKWAGO MOSES KIRIMUTTU On Tel: 0776-1882040776-188204










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