As  Career Development, Datamine takes an endeavor to identify uniquely talented students who can be nurtured through guidance, exposure and empowerment to ensure that they suit perfectly in the very dynamic job markets.

We build our students mental capacity through oratory, leadership training, industrial training and external facilitation to ensure that they can competently sail through the various employment opportunities both at home and in other countries.

We have worked with several career building organizations such as the international labor organization to enhance our students’ entrepreneurship skills so that even during their course of studying they can be able to start up small businesses to that match their professional aspirations.

We operate on a valued principle: "A future assured", which benefits our graduates, wherever they in their specialized fields. We do our best to meet the ever evolving challenges of the workforce environment with new programmes and trainings tailored to satisfy specific business needs.

Does Datamine find employment for its graduates?

By the time one graduates from Datamine, we are certain that they are street smart and are competent enough to impress any CEO or Manager in their areas of specialty, though we take an extra mile to collect individuals graduates CVs into our Job match bank which is our instant reference once a job vacancy is identified.

The identified candidates, having expressed interest, undergo through a pre interview training with our Human Resource Office and Career officers who advise them on approach, behavior and also fine tune them before being sent to their prospective employer.

Interview skills workshops

The school conducts Interview Skills trainings twice every semester as a way of preparing our students for future interviews when it comes to job hunting.

The CV Review & Interview Skills Workshops

If you are looking for a job then it is important to understand how to market yourself on paper. On many occasions job seekers send their CVs along with application letters to prospective employers in hopes that they’ll be invited for a job interview.

However, many a time job seekers are disappointed because they don't get that call. Your CV represents you in your absence and often times you are not given a chance to explain yourself. If you have experienced such disappointment on several occasions then perhaps it is time for you to review your appearance on paper. Our CV review session is exactly what you need to help you improve your CV.

Still if a winning CV has earned you a job interview, you really need to know what to expect? Once you have secured the interview, you should begin to focus on interview preparation.

Through research and practice, interviewing skills can be perfected. It is a widely known fact that the best candidate does not always get the job. Many qualified candidates are passed over due to lack of interview preparation or an inability to articulate "fit" for the position. Once you arrive at the interview stage, it is your ability to sell yourself that will help ensure a job offer. Our interview skills session will prepare you for those tricky questions and behavioral issues that interviewees face.

We encourage all our graduates who are still unemployed, to submit their CVs to the Human Resource Office in order to benefit from the various opportunities.






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