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About Datamine
In African countries, we suffer unemployment giving birth to poverty as a result of the teaching style following a theoretical curriculum, commonly used by most of our institutions of higher learning. This not only prepares participants for the scarce white-collar jobs but also drains the pockets of parents and guardians in favor of their social up-keep.

DTBS was established in 2003 for individuals of varied academic backgrounds. The courses offered at DTBS were designed following the technological evolution to meet the economic demands of the labour market, thus a curriculum designed to produce innovative job-creators.



DTBS is fully accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Government of Uganda. We are approved by the National Council of Higher Education. It is also an affiliate college of Makerere University Business School (MUBS)

Our exams are semester based and are sat for at every end of semester.
Monthly assessments (coursework assignments) account for 30% of the final internal examination grade

Currently, the School does not offer accomodation facilities but helps interested students to locate suitable and affordable hostels near the school.
However, the student is required to carry beddings and to meet food costs as most hostels do not provide food facilities.
To provide highly marketable skills and specialized training to our clients that will thrust them into the competitive labor market.
To create employment to the population directly and indirectly as a contribution to curbing the unemployment problem in the country.
To facilitate and encourage the use of local resources and skills in the provision of education.
To enhance the provision of market contestable skills to the Ugandan population that would otherwise be accessible by a limited number of people.
To contribute to the development of appropriate technology in the country by equipping our students with vital preliminary technical skills which can     form the foundation for developing indigenous technology
Datamine Technical Business School

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