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    Welcome To Datamine Technical Business School The Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga handing over a certificate to one of the best students Information Technology Students At Datamine Technical Business School we do have a fully equipped library Motor vehicle Students Motor vehicle Students Designing Students in class Electrical & Electronic Engineering Students Journalism & Media Studies, Students Journalism & Media Studies, Students Solar Production & Battery Repair class Computer Repair class At the graduation day - 2013 We also promote talents @ Datamine Technical Business School

    H Welcome To Our Site

    In African countries, we suffer unemployment giving birth to poverty as a result of the teaching style following a theoretical curriculum, commonly used by most of our institutions of higher learning. This not only prepares participants for the scarce white-collar jobs but also drains the pockets of parents and guardians in favor of their social up-keep
    The courses offered at DTBS were designed following the technological evolution to meet the economic demands of the labour market, thus a curriculum designed to produce innovative job-creators.
    DTBS is fully accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Government of Uganda. We are approved by the National Council of Higher Education. It is also an affiliate college of Makerere University Business School (MUBS)

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